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Car repairs, maintenance & roadworthy certificates in Cairns

Auto Repair Man — Car Repairs in Cairns, QLD
At Cairns Total Auto Fix we perform inspections, servicing and repairs to keep even the smartest of cars out of trouble and on the road. With more than 40 years of experience we're the workshop you can trust for all your automotive needs.

From cars to 4WDs and even commercial fleets John is confident around popular makes or models. For a comprehensive range of services at competitive prices you should contact the workshop today.

To learn more or to book in for any of our services feel free to give John a call.


Regular preventative maintenance on your car can save you hundreds of dollars by preventing costly and inconvenient breakdowns. Parts in your vehicle will wear with use and it's crucial to replace them before they break.

Save money by getting a service instead of a tow—we will check when any parts need to be replaced, top up fluids and perform a range of other checks. It's also your opportunity to bring up any issues you're concerned about.


Roadworthy Certificates & Pre-Purchase Inspections

In Queensland, when you offer a car for sale to anyone but a registered dealership it needs to pass a safety inspection first. Offering a car without current registration or a safety certificate will likely scare off many potential buyers. Cairns Total Auto Fix is an approved inspection station and we can issue safety certificates or make the necessary repairs if it fails.

We also offer:
  • Rego Checks
  • Pre-purchase Inspections
We'll even give your car or 4WD an inspection before any road trips or off-roading adventures you go on. Don't leave it to chance—book in to have your vehicle looked over before you travel.



Even if you're the most careful driver normal wear and tear could take an unexpected toll. John can reduce the inconvenience of being without transport, by repairing and restoring the performance of your vehicle promptly.

We use quality parts, fluids and accessories in all our repairs and with more than 40 years of experience we have confidence our work will last. We'll replace or repair tyres, brake pads, rotors and mechanical components like engine parts. Don't let your broken-down car sit in the garage collecting dust—you'll be surprised at how affordable our repairs are.


log book servicing without voiding new car warranty

Popular belief is that your new car warranty is voided if you don't have your services performed at a dealership. We can do a log book service on your vehicle without any risk of your warranty becoming invalid and you can avoid expensive dealership charges